Apps - at an affordable price

iOS & Android: Smartphone & Tablet

  • 100% Native
  • Multi-lingual
  • Native Push Notification support (much richer than SMS) for when you want to communicate directly with the user
  • Usually released either on the public app stores, or as (especially for Enterprise) an internal tool via your Enterprise (e.g. Apple's) license
  • Provided as a service

Native mobile apps are great, but usually expensive

The features of a native mobile app give a much faster and richer user experience, but at a price. A bespoke mobile app can easily cost over 50K, and it doesn't take much to even be double that. This is the key problem the moBrook solution was designed to address.

Our custom internal no-code Design Tool brings the price down for you

With our no-code tool, we can rapidly design new apps for you - at a fraction of the price of a bespoke app. This approach also importantly allows much faster development, especially prototyping of new App layouts.

Have your mobile app at the beginning of your deployment cycle, not the end

Due to the cost and time required for native app development, the app is usually left to the end of (for example, an IOT) solution rollout. With our rapid development, the app can instead be available at the BEGINNING of that cycle - making it available for development, testing and, especially, as a sales tool to show your prospects and customers.

On-going costs are known - because we provide the apps as a service

Apps always need work. There will be pretty much constant fixes and changes required - especially support for new Operating System versions and new devices. Our service plan covers all this, as well as a constantly growing feature set, so you can rest easy knowing exactly what the future cost of the apps will be.

Have a powerful Sales Tool with multiple layouts for product demonstrations

If you are an OEM, or selling your own (e.g. IOT) solution to multiple prospects and customers, we have a special and very powerful Sales Tool app for you. This single app can have multiple layouts (each effectively a separate app) installed .. all with custom branding, UI and content. Moreover, new layouts can be remotely downloaded by the Salesperson - without any need for a new app release.

This allows direct demo-ing of your solution, with the prospect's branding - anywhere, any time. No need to rely on demos on a PC, or rusty old powerpoints.

For IOT solutions, the tool also comes with a powerful simulation mode, so you can show the prospect real data (e.g. measurements and alarms) working without the need for a prototype device.