ShopBell : the Local Directory app with Check-in

Our mobile app solution for Local in 2020: Businesses, Sporting & Entertainment venues, Clubs, Bars ...


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Special Check-in feature for Covid times

Many locations (restaurants, bars, sporting venues ... ) now require collection of visitor information - to be used (if needed) for contact tracing.

With ShopBell, you can now do this all from your smartphone.

  • Simple QR-Code check-in.
  • Pen & Paper free - removes risk from customers all handling the same pens and forms.
  • Your data is secure - not left lying around on paper.
  • Your data is hidden from staff who don't need it - more security for you.


Directory of your local businesses and other locations of interest

  • Location .. sorted by closest.
  • See your check-in history.
  • Quickly access contact details such as phone numbers and driving directions.
  • Save your favorites for quick look-up.
  • See what local offers are available, as you support your local businesses.

See the latest info & updates

With rolling lockdowns, re-openings, re-lockdowns ... business info is changing fast. Get it all in ShopBell.

  • Operating Hours.
  • Special Rules or entrance requirements
  • Special offers


Native Push Notifications

Receive information, offers and news from your favorite businesses, arenas, clubs ... all via your smartphone.


Provided as a service

Free to users. Provided for a simple monthly fee per business or location - please contact us for details or a trial.