MoBrook Wordpress / WooCommerce Club Plugin

The MoBrook Club plugin for Wordpress/WooCommerce allows easy management of your club, its members, orders and shipments. All Orders are still managed by your WooCommerce installation, and Users managed with Wordpress. The Club plugin just packages things up to allow easier management of the club.


Creating the Club

The first step is to create your Club. Some businesses may even have multiple "Clubs" or "Club Levels" ... for example a "Silver Club" and a "Gold Club". At this stage all you need to do is decide the name of the club and the name for a new User role that will be used for all club members. The default Wordpress role for new users is "Customer" but you want a new role to differentiate your Club members. So choose something like "Gold Club Member"

  1. go to the Mobrook Club Plugin - Club Levels page and click "Add New"
    • Enter the "Club Level Name" (e.g. "Gold Club" ... or you can have something a little fancier such as "The Vintners Club")
    • Enter the "Matching User Role" (e.g. "Gold Club Member") .. avoid something too generic such as "Wine Club Member" just in case in the future you add another Club Level (e.g. with a different discount)
    • leave the "Default Order #" blank for now .. you'll come back to that later
    • fill in any other fields you'd like. You can always come back and fill them in later
    • Save Changes
  2. go to the Mobrook Club Plugin - Settings page
    • Enter the User Role you'd like as the default club level in "Default clublevel". If you only have one club, then that's simply the role from above (e.g. "Gold Club Member").
    • Save Changes.


Setting up the Club Default User and Default Order

Now you're ready to add a "Default User" and "Default Order" for the club. The "Default Order" will never be shipped but will be used as the base to create new Orders when new members are added to the club.

  1. Use the Wordpress Users menu to add a new "default" user for your new club. This user becomes the "owner" of the Default Order.
    • IMPORTANT select the appropriate Club Level for the user’s Role
  2. Use the Woocommerce Orders menu to create the new Default Order
    • IMPORTANT assign the Order to the default User you created above
    • Choose a default mix of products .. this is what new members will see in their first Order
    • save and remember the id of this Order ... you'll use that in the next step
  3. go to the Mobrook Club plugin - Club Levels page
    • edit the Club Level and fill in "Default Order" # field, using the Order id of the default Order you created above.
    • Save Changes


Adding a new Club Member manually

  1. Use the Wordpress Users menu to add the new user
    • fill in all details including (IMPORTANT) Shipping and Billing address
    • IMPORTANT select the appropriate Club Level for the user’s Role
  2. go to the Mobrook Club plugin - Members page
      • When you open this page, it will search for new users
      • if necessary, click on the default order (#79 in example below) for the user and modify their preferred mix


Creating a new Shipment

After checking there are no new users without default orders (in the Members List):

  1. go to the Mobrook Club plugin - Shipments page
    • Click "Add New Shipment"
      • Important "User can edit expiry date" … set the deadline for editing by users. This will usually be a few days before the shipment date.
        • please enter in form: "2018-01-31 00:00:00"
      • Click "Save Changes"

  2. You're now ready to add the first Orders to the Shipment .. see below


Updating the Orders for a Shipment

You'll want to do this when:
  • You've just created a new Shipment and want to create new Orders for all the club members in the club. This process will automatically create new orders for each of the users in the Club - if the user had a previous order, the new order will have the same product mix as that last order.
  • You already have a Shipment set up (but not shipped) and a new User joins the club.
  • You have manually added an Order to WooCommerce that you'd like added to the Shipment. This can happen when you fully delete an Order for a customer that is in the shipment and replace it with a completely new one. See "Adding an Order manually to a Shipment below"
  1. go to the Mobrook Club plugin - Shipments page
    • Click "Create/Find Orders"

  2. That's all ... you'll see a summary of how many new orders were created, how many existing orders were found and added to the Shipment, and how many were removed.


Manually adding Orders to a Shipment

Sometimes you'll want to manually add an Order to an existing Shipment. This could happen when you already have a Shipment set up, and want to delete the Order for a member and replace it with a completely new Order.

  1. Open the Order in WooCommerce and add a Note with the Shipment Name
    • The format for the note is very important. e.g. if the Shipment's name is "March 2018 Club Shipment" ... the note should be titled "Club Order: March 2018 Club Shipment"
  2. Go to the Mobrook Club plugin - Shipments page and click edit for the Shipment you're adding the Order to
    • Click "Create/Find Orders"

  3. Next, you'll see a summary of the number of Orders found .. and will also be able to view the Orders in the "Mobrook Club Plugin - Orders" page


When ready to ship

    • When ready, set the Shipment Active